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My father was an outstanding portrait photographer in
the Detroit area for over forty years. In high school and
into college I worked weekends framing and cutting
mats at his photographic studio. While in college I shot
weddings for my dad when he was double booked.

My passion for the game of lacrosse at Michigan State
University superseded my interest in photography. After
playing the Native American game of lacrosse as an
undergraduate I became the second varsity lacrosse
coach at MSU.

I relocated to sunny Florida where I helped start south
Florida' s first lacrosse teams, coaching at the University
of Miami, and starting Fort Lauderdale's first lacrosse

Nearly every summer I have returned to the small town
of Saugatuck on the shores of Lake Michigan. The views
 I captured along the Lake Michigan coastline have
provided a gallery of images which I have built upon
over the  years.

I feel fortunate that my renewed interest in
photography has occurred at a time where digital
imaging and the amazing quality of modern printers has
completely changed the boundaries of this modern art
form. Fifty, years ago my father took a half-tone photo
and retouched and added color by hand. Now we use
point and shoot digital cameras and in minutes those
images are on the computer screens of our family and
friends..........truly an amazing progression in imaging